IELTS coaching centre in Kottayam

IELTS at 999


No Extra Cost

One Week

Full Time

5 Section

In Each Module


With Personalized Feedback

For Starters

Students who are new to the English language will gain a comprehensive understanding of IELTS by enrolling in Queens English Academy IELTS coaching centre in Kottayam special course for just 999.

For Normals

Don’t be worried if you’re an average English learner. Queens English Academy specialized course is intended to solve your IELTS weaknesses. Overcome your IELTS insecure area for just 999.

For Specialists

If you are an expert looking to improve your confidence and skills before IELTS, Queens English Academy special course is ideal for increasing your self-esteem by practice with our quality mock tests.

IELTS coaching centre in kottayam

Queens English Academy offers a very special course for you for just Rs. 999. It is aimed at helping you improve the poor areas in IELTS based on your current level of learning.

You will strengthen your areas whether you are a starter, an average, or a specialist. Our training standard is unrivaled in terms of costs and that’s why we are the best IELTS centre in Kottayam.

There is a saying that “take every chance and drop every fear”, so, this is your chance to drop your IELTS fear.

Best IELTS Coaching @ 999 without any quality drop

Don’t know where to study at the IELTS coaching centre in Kottayam. Or who can help me to get the best result for IELTS? You are in the right place. Start Studying 999 with a one-week program that has 20 sections, 5 in each section with additional homework with full facility provide without paying the whole.

Queens English Academy prefers the best IELTS coaching in Kottayam over the past 9 years. Because our unique training sessions and special packages like IELTS at 999 always give the best results from our students. These results remain Queens English Academy as a still authorized partner of the British Council and IDP.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a vital examination for each student and professional who wants to root their existence in abroad. IELTS test is consists of two subcategory tests IELTS Academic and IELTS General. So, passing This is not easy so, each student needs more attention in their practice sections and training. So, Queens English Academy special course is intended to develop your skill and conquer your fear to take IELTS.


“Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Kottayam. Individual support and care, friendly staff, and cent percentile assurance of score above 7.5, even if one joins for the course for hardly a month. Had the best professional and quality experience”

Cherono George

Why this course is best for you?

  • This is a one-week intensive training led by expert coaches. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your level, and your progress will be assured.
  • We didn’t drop our quality to the price level. Because we focus our students' studies on more than just price. This course has a total of 20 sections, 5 for each part, so you'll have plenty of time to make up for your weaknesses.
  • You had no limitations to study in this course, so you should practice a lot for IELTS.
  • Whatever your IELTS level, we will give you our undivided attention and customize your package to your needs. For example, if you want to focus more on speaking than on other topics, you can do so with this special package.
  • Additional homework and a mock test are given to help you practice more effectively.

Queens Academy has remained the best coaching centre in Kottayam for the past 9 years stands to our innovative teaching method and our students’ performances.